Welcome to my little and excited intercorner. If you, like me, are fascinated and charged with enthusiasm about boundless possibilities and uncharted opportunities, you are in the right place.

For 10+ years I have been making websites and branding for people just like you. Whether it's websites, branding or illustration, my creations and ideas have helped many companies grow.

My designs focus on emotion and conversions to help your visitors remember you. I constantly track the latest trends and design for the platforms that suit your audience.

So if you are ready, let's explore the world beyond the borders together.


news_thumb6 UPCOMING:
New version of website is under construction. Planned features include responsive grid system, optimisation for mobile devices, SVG graphics and @font integration. All of this and more are coming soon

news_thumb1 Created playful, joyful and friendly signage for Cincinnati OH, Lithuanian school AITVARAS (Kite) as it was presented on annual event, 5th anniversary.

news_thumb2 Created 2D Media Marketing LTD website concept design. Chosen an idea of spread folded sheet of paper to highlight the flatness of two dimensions incorporating brand colours and signage.

news_thumb4 Website2U is a quick and easy, template based website creation tool from Tassenberg & co LTD. Main task for the design of this website was to emphasize friendly and easy to use environment.


"Avalent Portfolio" website represents Creative Designer Aidas Valentinavicius approach to design as well as work experience in graphic, web and digital media design. Here I will introduce most interesting examples of design, projects, experiments, articles and ideas which could define my point of view within current trend of design sector.

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Stay up to date. Be current in your approaches to design and always try to improve upon yourself. Look at things you see and admire, and strive your hardest, not just to achieve the same, but to surpass it.

- from Zach LeBar -